RECAP | Live Q&A with Shanghai Exit-Entry Bureau

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Shanghai Public Security Bureau has laid down a series of measures to ensure immigration management services, which include verification of certification, releasing of information and answering inquiries, are available to foreigners in Shanghai.

In order to provide better services during the period of prevention and control of COVID-19, the EEAB has released six measures on Exit-Entry concerns.


In view of the current circumstances during the epidemic, the EEAB has been offering green passages for visa applications and also providing other expedited and convenient services for visa extensions and residence permit applications for foreigners in Shanghai. As of February 17th, more than 400 applications have been processed through these services.

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How can foreigners become familiar with the entry-exit policies of Shanghai?

You are recommended to follow the news bulletins posted on the website of the Shanghai Municipal Government, or the citys official WeChat account.

You can also get to know the policies via the official WeChat account of the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau (EEAB) and China Immigration Administration.



Are there any hotlines besides the online consultation?

You can call the hotline 28951900 (9am-5pm MON-FRI) if you have some concerns on the exit-entry policies during COVID-19. This hotline also provides emergency help services on weekends and holidays. The EEAB will also take notes of some of your concerns if the questions asked are not exit-entry related and share them with the relevant administrations before giving you feedback. Youll be cared for during your stay in Shanghai.

Ask any quesitons about life in China on AnyHelper hotline HERE.


What do foreigners entering and leaving the residential complex need to pay attention to?

All people should follow the notice released by the municipal government on further strict implementation of various epidemic prevention and control measures. The city government has issued guidelines for the management of epidemic prevention and control in residential areas (villages). All residential areas should set up check points. All entering personnels should get their temperature checked and registered. People with abnormal temperatures should be reported and transferred. Therefore, people should cooperate at checkpoints. People who refuse to cooperate will be appropriately punished by the police according to law. For those coming from the epicenter, they should be quarantined for observation for 14 days during which no one is allowed to go out.

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As a newly recruited international student in the spring semester, do I have to be quarantined at home for 14 days after arriving in Shanghai?

You dont have to be quarantined for medical observation if you havent been in close contact with patients confirmed or suspected to be infected with COVIC-19 within 14 days before entering China. Just keep checking your health, like taking your own temperature daily.

If you are confirmed or suspected to have contracted COVIC-19 pneumonia within the 14 days before entering China, then youll have to be quarantined while under medical observation for 14 days. (The quarantine period starts from the last day you had contact with someone who is a confirmed or suspected case.)

Youll also be put into quarantine while under medical observation for 14 days if therere any confirmed or suspected cases on the transportation you took when coming to China.

Check if you've travel with infected passengers HERE.


Will visas be issued during the epidemic?

The EEAB will be in full service to provide extensions and issuance of visa and temporary stay or residence permits to ensure foreigners' legitimacy to stay in Shanghai during the epidemic prevention and control period. Foreigners should exit China before their visa, temporary stay or residence permit expires, and those who need to stay in China should go to the EEAB to extend visas, temporary stay or residence permits.

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How can the foreigners living in Gubei, Changning District reserve and buy face masks online?

You may reserve and buy face masks either by registering online (pls scan the QR code below to log onto the Face Masks Reserving and Pre-order System, Changning) or register offline with your certificates.

When registering offline at the community committee, make sure you bring the property ownership certificate, or your rent contract, and of course, your passport. Then you can buy the face masks at the designated pharmacies after making reservations successfully.

Ronghua residential area, Hongqiao Street, Changning District, covers Gubei New Area. It is the first international community of its kind in China. There are nearly 12,000 households and about 33,000 people living in the area that covers 2.02 square kilometers.

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I have a foreign friend who is coming to Shanghai soon. He plans to stay in a hotel. Can he check in online?

For foreign guests, the hotel reception will check in for them so it is unnecessary to check in online.


For foreigners, how to distinguish the different news on COVID-19 that appear online?

Please double-check the news if you have doubts. You can turn to the 24-hour hotline 12345 for help, which provides services in both Chinese and English. Do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, and do not intentionally start a rumor.

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What if a foreigners visa and residential permit is about to expire during the epidemic?

According to the law and due to the current epidemic, foreigners who are not able to leave the border in time or renew their visas or residential permits, immigration management authorities may mitigate or waive overdue penalties.

Read more about expiring/renewing visa HERE.


As a foreigner whos planning on coming to Shanghai, do I need to register at the local community?

All of the residential communities in Shanghai are conducting strict control on personnels living inside including carrying out health checks, maintaining living environment hygiene and releasing protection tips on virus prevention during epidemic control. All foreigners entering and coming back to the city, like Chinese citizens, are asked to register at their communities. You may also register your info through a health app. Youll be guided on what kind of measures you should take to protect your own health.

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If the visa expires next month, is it necessary to apply at the EEAB on Minsheng Road for an extension?

Applicants can go to the nearest Exit-Entry Administration authorities to submit an application. If the existing visa has not expired yet, it is recommended not to rush to submit an application in the near future.

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Any matters needing attention from foreigners when entering or exiting the EEAB building?

During the period of prevention and control of COVID-19, to fully guarantee foreigners legal right of temporary stay or residence in Shanghai, the EEAB will continue to provide visa extension services and offer temporary stay or residence certificates. When entering or exiting the EEAB building, please put on your face masks and cooperate when being asked to have your temperature checked.


Can foreigners do it through their companies?

For institutions such as colleges, scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions that have more foreigners, they can contact in advance and arrange a time for handling the certificate. The EEAB will allow the institutions to handle the certificates on behalf of their employees according to their situation.


Is it possible to apply for a residence permit through online reservation?

In order to effectively avoid large crowds, the EEAB will arrange bookings and provide application services accordingly. For example, applicants can apply for an extension of residence permits online. International students applying for residence permits for the first time can also apply online.

Read more on how to apply online HERE.


What if my company or school hasnt reopened yet and my visa is about to expire? What should I do?

For foreigners who arent able to provide relevant application materials as they cant go back to work or school yet, and those who were laid off by their original company but need more time to deal with the follow-up procedures, the EEAB will issue them special stay permits (usually valid for one month).

Read more about the stay permit HERE.


If my visa is expired and my outbound flight has also been cancelled, what should I do?

The EEAB will offer special stay permits for foreigners who currently cant leave the country due to the cancellation of their outbound flights.

Read more about the stay permit HERE.


Amid the epidemic, where can foreigners register for temporary residence besides at a local police station?

In order to implement epidemic prevention and control, which includes preventing big gatherings, large numbers of people moving around, and reducing risks of infection, it is highly recommended that foreigners register for temporary residence online instead of heading to the local police station.

Register online

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How can foreigners living in the Lianyang, Pudong residential area reserve and buy face masks online?

During the first round of face mask appointments, foreign social workers contacted foreign residents and told them that they could make an appointment to buy face masks. When the second round of appointments begin, foreign residents who made the first appointment do not need to register again. Foreign residents who have not made an appointment can scan the QR code in Pudong and register on a bilingual interface.

Volunteers will post bilingual news on WeChat Moments daily so that foreigners in the community can keep up to date with first-hand authorized information.

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If a foreigner urgently needs to leave the country, can his visa be processed faster?

We can provide special services for foreigners who urgently need to leave the country as long as they show their plane tickets and the relevant documents.


As universities reopen, international students are likely to enter the country at the same period of time. According to the regulations, international students need to go to the EAAB to apply for a residence permit for study purposes. Is there a convenient way to do it to avoid a mass gathering of international students at the EAAB?

In view of the present situation, we have launched the Green Passage. Also, a university staff member can collect all the students documents and go to the EEAB to submit the applications for them. This can prevent a mass gathering of people.


During this time of the epidemic, our universities have taken strict control measures. With this in mind, will the EEAB punish them for overstaying their visas?

We will waive or mitigate the penalty if the visa is overdue due to the outbreak. I also hope that universities can report this first to us so that its on record. Furthermore, I urge the relevant students to come to the EEAB as soon as possible after the ban is lifted so that we can handle it.

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Can you please tell me how I can add the EEAB on WeChat?

You can find our WeChat public account by searching NIANEWS and shgacrj. The account includes prevention tips in public, exit and entry questions, the changes of entry and exit policies during the period of prevention and control of the epidemic, and other relevant information.



I arrived in Shanghai last week and was told by my landlord that I should do residence registration each time I return. IS IT TRUE?

Foreigners who are here on a visa, need to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit within 24 hours of entering the country, which can be done online This has to be done every time one enters China. If you hold a residence permit, you do not need to register when you return to your permanent address in this city.

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With the epidemic still ongoing, can I extend my S2 visa in China?

If your outgoing flight is canceled or you cannot book one out for the time being, or its difficult for you to leave due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, or you are self-isolating at home, you can apply for a visa extension here.

Read more about extending visa HERE.


My work visa expired on February 14th. Now Im stuck in Wenzhou and can't get out to go back to Shanghai to renew it. What should I do?

As it has been mentioned before, according to the law and due to the current epidemic, foreigners who are not able to leave the border in time or renew their visas or residential permits, immigration management authorities may mitigate or waive overdue penalties. You may register with your certificate issued by the hospital or the community at the EEAB after youve completed self-quarantine.

Read more about expiring/renewing visa HERE.


Thank you for joining todays Q&A session. Pls call 021-28951900 if you have more questions on exit-entry issues during this critical time.


Any questions can be directed to our visa specialist Lisa.

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