Man Infected by Eating Lunch at Work! How to Stay Safe!

Source: JobTube, Freya W., Josh B.

On February 16, according to the Beijing CDC, a man returned to Beijing and went to work directly without being isolated. Shortly after he had a chat with a colleague over lunch in the company canteen, both of them were confirmed to be infected with CoViD-19, with dozens of others also being isolated. The news soon aroused wide public concern on safety of the on-job meals during the epidemic.

As per the reports, the safest way to is to bring home-made food every day. However, if you have to order take-out, there are ways to reduce the risk of infection.

Personal Protection

Aimed at this news, there are three key points that everyone should keep in mind while eating in a company. First of all, develop good personal hygiene habits and wash hands before and after meals. Secondly, avoid centralized dining, keep more than one meter away from others while eating. Finally, never talk to each other, and obviously, face-to-face dining is definitely not allowed.

The right way to have lunch in public

Three Steps to Eat Take-outs Safely

During this particular period of the outbreak, its not enough to protect yourself from being infected by others, but also the food safety should be taken seriously. Thus, how can we eat take-out safely?

1. Choose a larger delivery platform. In contrast, the anti-epidemic measures in such platform are more effective, such as strict detection of delivery-mens health, and centralized disinfection of the takeout boxes. Moreover, the platform uses heat chain supply in a unified way and strives to ensure that the central temperature of food delivered should be above 60 .

2. Choose the legal and formal merchants to buy food from. Refuse to buy food at roadside stands, and never eat livestock or poultry meat from unknown sources. Besides, no more high-risk food, such as the soft-boiled chicken and sushi. Fresh vegetables and easily cooked meat are the best choices.

3. And then select the contactless delivery mode and take the meal ASAP after receiving the notice, for the food cant be placed for more than 2 hours under normal temperature. If the time is exceeded, the food shall be heated again by microwave or other appliances to make sure the center temperature is up to 70 . Most importantly, please remember to remove the outer packaging, and wash hands before eating.