China Hotlines to Call During Coronavirus Outbreak

By Ryan Gandolfo

The State Council of the Peoples Republic of China recently published a list of hotlines for foreigners in China to call amid the coronavirus outbreak. The list includes phone numbers for every province, municipality and autonomous region, as well as additional contacts for those living in Hubei province. Although the list of hotlines doesnt state whether bilingual speakers are available, we can confirm after calling multiple provinces that English speakers are present. The hotlines are offered for any inquiries or issues you may have during this difficult time.

As the number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has surged to over 40,000, some families have been split up as disease carriers and suspected cases need to be quarantined to combat the spread of the virus. This makes communication with the government paramount as Chinas Ministry of Civil Affairs has called on local authorities to identify any children isolated or without proper guardianship as a result of nationwide efforts to quarantine all infected and suspected patients.

The ministry noted that authorities need to identify children whose parents are quarantined or involved in the virus prevention efforts, and offer the appropriate services to care for them. In late January, a 17-year-old boy with cerebral palsy was found dead inside his home in Huanggang, Hubei, nearly a week after his family members were placed under quarantine for treatment, according to China Daily. The hotlines have been established to avoid any similar cases from happening.

Here are phone numbers that you can call during this epidemic:

North China

Beijing 010-12345, 010-55574000

Tianjin 022-58368675

Hebei 0311-12320, 0311-87807316

Shanxi 0351-4048572

Inner Mongolia 0471-4824768

Northeast China

Liaoning 18304006378

Jilin 13596479838

Heilongjiang 0451-53642647, 13836168987

East China

Shanghai 021-12345

Jiangsu 18915991982

Zhejiang 13968133909

Anhui 0551-62703790, 18905696606, 13615695709

Fujian 0591-87853640

Jiangxi 18270829126

Shandong 0531-88738367, 0531-88737580

Central China

Henan 0371-65688846

Hunan 0731-84510280, 0731-12320

Hubei 027-87122256

Wuhan 15989499096 (midnight-12pm), 13419692520 (12pm-midnight)

South China

Guangdong 020-81054279

Guangxi 0771-12320, 0771-5626662

Hainan 0898-12320

Southwest China

Chongqing 13983713238

Sichuan 028-86131488

Yunnan 0871-12320

Tibet 0891-6323987

Guizhou 15085919704, 17718003843

Northwest China

Shaanxi 029-87290355

Gansu 13893113366

Qinghai 0971-8239746

Ningxia 0951-5035766, 18695551004

Xinjiang 0991-6176587

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