Wuhan Pneumonia Map; Spread to 11 Provinces & more....

Source: People's Daily JobTube, Majdi

Key events: 

  • The toll from Wuhan Pneumonia rose to six deaths and more than 300 cases. 

  • The World Health Organization announced Monday that it would convene an expert panel to determine whether a fast-developing outbreak caused by a new virus in China should be declared a global health emergency.

  • 14 cases in health care workersa firstand a confirmed incident involving human-to-human spread of the new virus. 

  • Abroad, Thailand has reported two cases and South Korea one, all involving Chinese from Wuhan. Japan and China Taiwan also confirmed one case each, both nationals who had been to Wuhan.

  • Chinese travel booking platforms from Trip.com to Alibaba Groups Fliggy said they would offer free cancellations on bookings made for Wuhan, while South Korean budget airline Tway Air postponed its launch of a new route to the city

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