WATCH: Become Fluent in Chinese Within One Year!

We cant believe its already 2020. Time flies! 


But even though 2020 has arrived, its never too late to make a self-development plan for an even better future.


Why not seize the new year to launch your Chinese improvement plan? There are plenty of ways to learn the language in a serious but fun way.


But before you get started before daily Chinese lessons can yield any significant results there are some essential phrases you should learn first. Here are 10 phrases will help you to get through this transition period smoothly


1. /!

Nho,w yo/w b yoxixie!

Hi, I would like to have/ I dont want, thank you!


Living in China, the first thing you should get used to is ordering food. When youre in restaurants, you probably cant avoid asking for help from the staff.


Use ,  to make a request to the min (pretty woman/waitress) or shuig (handsome man/waiter). When you point at the item on the menu or drink list, dont forget to say zhge (ci/ji). The helpful chart below has a few more words you should know


You might not be accustomed to the ingredients in Chinese dishes. If you have allergies or personal taste preferences, you can simply use to clarify. Here are some words to know

2. /.

W tng bu dng/ W b zhdo.

I dont understand/I dont know.


3. !

Qng shu de mn yi din!

Please speak a little slower!


If its been a long day and youre having a rough time comprehending someone speaking super fast Chinese, dont be afraid to ask them to say things a little slower.

4. /.

W de Zhngwn/Hny b ti ho.

My Chinese is not very good.

It can feel awkward to hear a local say ting bu dong in response to your attempts at speaking Chinese. But dont worry just be patient and give it another go! Your pronunciation will only get better.


5. ?

Wixn hish zhfbo? N so w hish w so n?

WeChat or Alipay? You scan me or I scan you?

These days, there are more and more self-service stores appearing around the city. Now you dont even need to talk while shopping! All you have to do is take out your phone and scan(, so yi so).


But shopping and bargaining is still a fun part of traveling in China! So remember how to say these phrases, because you never know when you will use them in a random market.



Zhge dusho qin?

How much is this?


7. xxx

Ti gu le! xxx kui znmeyng?

Its too expensive! How about xxx kui?

Shopping on Taobao has finally become more reliable and therefore more indispensable in our daily lives. Talking with the kuaidi should be easy, because you only need to tell them where to put the parcel when youre not home. Practice this phrase to improve your delivery experience...

8. /.

W b zi ji, fng zi mnku/qinti.

Im not home. Put it at the door / at the reception.


These days, Chinese people are rarely using common phrases like "(N ho, Hello) and ? (N ho ma?, How are you?) to greet friends. Instead, ask how theyre doing to get the conversation started...



Zujn znmeyng?

How are you doing lately?


If you want to ask someone out, dont suggest grabbing drinks. In China, socializing revolves around food. So instead, invite your friends out for a meal!



N shnme shhou yukngYq ch ge fn?

When are you free? Lets grab lunch/dinner together?


Remember how to use these 10 phrases listed above to kick off your Chinese learning journey and you will definitely enjoy your time in China more!


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