This Enforced Ringtone Shames Debtors with a Message Saying...

A personalized ringtone is usually music to our ears whenever we receive a phone call. 

But what if your ringtone turned against you and revealed a secret you hoped would remain untold?

A court in Jiangxi Province has introduced a shaming ringtone to embarrass debtors and pressure them to pay the money they owe by working with the three major telecommunication operators in Jiangxi province to customize its message, said Zou Zhonghua, an official with the court.

The person calling the debtor will be prompted with the following message: The person you are calling has been put on a blacklist by the Jiangxi Higher People's Court for failing to repay their debts. Please urge the person to fulfill his or her legal obligations.

The initiative aims to pressure 5,865 local "laolai" (those who avoid repaying their debts) to fulfill their responsibilities as quickly as possible.

"Compared to traditional ways of exposing laolai, such novel ways are more effective," said local judge Zeng Chaoping. "They usually just repay their debts because they don't want to lose face to their relatives and friends."

Laolai have tried a variety of ways to avoid repayment over the years.

In 2017, a 59-year-old woman underwent plastic surgery in an attempt to disguise herself and avoid repaying RMB 25 million in debt, according to a court in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province.

As of September 1, 2010, all mobile phone subscribers are required to provide their real name and other relevant information, as requested by the new policy enforced across the country. 

All new users are asked to provide their ID cards to telecom operators in order to obtain new phone numbers, thereby making it harder to bypass legal processes and get away with fake profiles and unpaid debt. 

Source: Xinhua

Editor: Crystal H


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