Noodles Slap Woman in Face at Popular Hot Pot Resturaunt

Source: Asia One

A woman at a popular hotpot restaurant was hit in the face with noodles that were inadvertently flung towards her during a "noodle dance".

She was drinking tea when a restaurant worker was performing the show nearby, China Press reported.

The worker somehow bungled his act and strands of the noodles ended on the woman's face, causing her to drop her teacup.

The hotpot chain restaurant Hai Di Lao, which originated from China, has a signature noodle dance in which its staff would demonstrate to diners how lamian - a type of soft wheat flour noodles - was made.

The "performer" would pull and stretch the noodles by hand.

A video of the incident has since gone viral. The location of the restaurant is unknown.

It was not the first time that diners at the restaurant chain ended up with noodles on their face.

Watch the Video Below