Dumpling Night | Chinese Culture Workshop

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Dumpling Night

 At a lovely evening of Jan 2, 2020

there came the last session of 

Chinese Culture Workshop.

Our international students 

gathered in the tea room, 

enjoying the Dumpling Night.

There were two ways taught to

make different shapes of dumplings 

and our students were happy to learn. 

They were also smart and creative

to make their own shapes.

Then staff members helped cook and

we enjoyed delicious hand-made dumplings.

Besides, one orange dumpling was 

made as a surprise this night

We had a volunteer to taste it 

and share the good luck to everyone~

Apart from making dumplings,

we also learnt how to make rice balls 

and enjoyed eating.

Look at these cute rice balls, 

which became the food baby in the end~

It is hard to say goodbye, 

but this is the end of 

our Chinese culture workshop 

for this semester.

We really appreciated every attendee 

during our 6 sessions.

Thank you for coming and supporting.

We do hope you enjoy our Chinese culture.

See you next semester!

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We are here with you.

International Student

Support Team