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Guilin lies along the Lijiang River and is home to a treasure trove of astounding natural landscapes and some of the most dramatic geographical formations in China. One such place is the 180 million-year-old Reed Flute Cave filled with karst stalactites and multicolored lights, creating an otherworldly environment.


The wonders do not stop here: see how the reflection of the moon accentuates the Elephant Trunk Hill's famous arch above water and enjoy also Bamboo Rafting along the Li River. Fuli Bridge is also a great place for you to visit. It was constructed in the Ming Dynasty and has a few hundred years of history. As an incredible experience, we also recommend you visit Fuli Ancient Town and experience the Fuli Paper Fan Making Skills.

Day2 Guilin one day tour

Reed Flute Cave:8 kilometers away from the city center, famed as A Natural Palace of Art, in which you can see lots of stalactites & stalagmites illuminated by the lights of different colors.

Elephant Trunk Hill: the symbol of Guilin, which resembles a giant elephant drinking water from the Li River.

The best-preserved and the most complete princes palace in the Ming Dynasty (1368 1644), Jingjiang Palace and Duxiu Hill are situated in the heart of Guilin City.

East and West Pedestrian Street is a mix of history, culture and modern life in Guilin.

Day 3 Guilin - Yangshuo    


Xianggong Mountain is a hill that sits along the Li River and offers unparalleled panoramic views of the river and surrounding karst peaks.

Fuli Bridge is located at the Yulong Bridge Pier, in Yangshuo's Baisha Town in Guilin. It was constructed in the Ming Dynasty and is a few hundred years old. There are two ancient trees guarding the two ends of the bridge, the bridge being an ideal place from which to enjoy the idyllic scenery. The bridgehead can be seen in the fields, surrounded by green hills, with waves splashing on the river banks.

Fuli Ancient Town is famous as a hometown of a Chinese painted paper fan. This place was the hometown of many Chinese painting drawers. Among them, Li Zhenou may be the most famous one, in the past Lis works being collected and exhibited in Tian'an men square, and also sent to foreign leaders as gifts.

Experience Fuli Paper Fan Making:

Welcome to the city of paper fans, Fuli Town! Using their unique skills, Fuli people use paper fans to spread their art everywhere. In this town, You can see the making process and skills of the Yangshuo paper fans masters and have a paper fan making lesson here. Known as hometown of Chinese painting paper fan, Fuli is one of the largest production bases for paper fans in the world.

Enjoy Bamboo Rafting along the Li River:

The Li River or Li Jiang is renowned as being one of the worlds top 10 watery wonders according to National Geographic. The Li River route from Guilin to Yangshuo boasts the most beautiful scenery. You will see karst peaks, grazing water buffalo, farmers working in the fields, and traditional villages nestled at the bases of the hills. 

Accommodation: Mountain Nest Yangshuo

Yangshuo Mountain Nest Boutique Hotel is located in a rural village close to the famous Yulong River. Opened in the summer of 2014, each of the eleven rooms is unique and decorated in traditional Chinese style with specially selected and handcrafted wooden furnishings. The hotel's interior design, from the guest rooms to the elegant lobby, lush and landscaped gardens were all designed by Tea Cozy hotel owners Richard and Curry. You can walk around the local village and meet the villagers to learn about genuine local culture. The hotel is both very family-friendly and perfect for a romantic break.


Day 4 Yangshuo one day tour


The Yulong River, with its dramatic karst landscape, silky water, and ancient bridges, is known as 'the Little Li River'. The river is clear and mirror-like, so its the perfect place for you to take lots of pictures. Yulong River is best suited for the peaceful drifting of bamboo rafts. You can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the river. Environmentalists once praised: "This is the most beautiful place I have ever been to in China." There are three ways to enjoy the Yulong River landscapes: walking, cycling, or experience the bamboo raft. 

Moon Mountain: Yangshuo Moon Mountain Scenic Area is the wonder of Yangshuo territory, it is located in the high Tianxiang Feng floor village, up to more than 380 meters. Yangshuo Moon Hill is widely renowned for the rare gift from nature - a natural-formed moon-like cavern passing through just below its summit. When looking up at the foot of the mountain, you can have a clear view of the moon on its top. Once you reach its top, you will have a magnificent 360-degree panorama of the whole Yangshuo County surrounding by never-ending karst peaks.

The West Street: A very nice and traditional Chinese old street in Yangshuo. The street is only about 1km long but crammed with lots of shops, pubs, bars, caf. Here you can enjoy a perfect combination of western and eastern culture, and also a perfect place to relax.

Day 5 Yangshuo - Guilin - Shanghai

FM9350  Guilin(KWL)-Shanghai Pudong(PVG) 12:50 - 15:05


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