China Intensifies Crackdown on Pornography, Illegal Publications

Chinese authorities have strengthened crackdown on pornography and illegal publications since the beginning of this year to maintain market order of publication and a clean social and cultural environment.

A record high of 308 major cases of pornography and illegal publications were listed for thorough investigation in 2019, with 78 percent being Internet-based cases, according to a statement released Wednesday by the National Office for the Fight Against Pornography and Illegal Publications.

Of these cases, 149 involved online transmission of pornographic information in forms of live broadcasting, social media groups, Internet literature and forums, among others, the statement said.

In a live pornographic broadcasting case busted in central China's Hubei Province, 22 suspects were seized and their app, with 900,000 registered viewers, was taken down.

This year's campaign has also seen the listing of 89 cases of illegal publications and copyright infringements, 7 cases involving transmission of child pornography, 16 cases of fraud and extortion under the disguise of media and journalists, said the statement.

The Office urged continued efforts by relevant departments nationwide in advancing investigation into the root cause and profit chain of the listed cases and clamping down on lawbreakers.

Source: Xinhua

Editor: Crystal H

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