Visa and Residence Permit Applications Are a Lot Simpler Now!

In order to further improve the attraction and mobility of foreign talent into the country, the Shenzhen Entry and Exit Bureau announced two additional measures via their official WeChat account yesterday, which are as follows:

1. Once foreign residents have submitted their visa application at the bureau, they will no longer need to come back to the same location to collect it when ready. Instead, their new visa will be mailed directly to the address they provided, thereby making the application process a lot more convenient.

2. A variety of new visas and permits is introduced:

  • 17 types of visa applications, including the extension of the R visa, L, G, F, Q2, M, J2, S2, X2, and C as well as the renewal of the X2 visa, R, F, J2, M, Q2, and S2.

  • 2 types of residence permits: first-time applications and renewal of an existing permit.

Additionally, the visa application processing time has been shortened from 7 working days to 5 working days, while processing time for permanent residence permits has been reduced from 3 months down to 2 months.

Visa and Residence Permit Applications Are a Lot Simpler Now!

How was your experience getting or renewing your visa in China? 

Source: Shenzhen Entry and Exit Bureau

Editor: Crystal Huang


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