Story of Chinese Food Luosifen, Snail Rice Noodles

There is a famous saying about Chinese martial arts: Southern fists and Northern kicks, which refers to the difference between these two styles.When it comes to food,the North and the South also have different tastes. In the North,people prefer wheat noodles, while rice noodles prevail in the South.

Luosifen, originated in the city of Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, is one of the typical Southern rice noodles. It is famous for a special stinky smell. The noodles, made from old crusted rice and cooked in boiling water, have a very chewy texture. Various ingredients are added to this dish:crispy peanuts, smooth wood ear mushroom, soft tofu skin, pickled green bean and bamboo sprouts. After finishing the noodles, have a sip of the tasty noodle soup and you will feel on top of the world.

There is a legend about Luosifen.


Back to 1980s, one night, in Liuzhou, several hungry tourists found a small rice noodle restaurant . However, the bone broth, which served to cook the noodles, was used up. The only thing left was a pot of ofriver snail soup. Yet under such circumstance, the owner had to cook the rice noodles directly in the river snail soup. Surprisingly, these tourists all agreed this new dish was so delicious. The owner was delighted with the unexpected good result.

Since then, he worked hard to improve the recipe and the cooking process, and gradually we have todays Liuzhou Luosifen.

A tip for you: to eat Luosifen, youd better hide somewhere.Otherwiseit will be robbed!

"Put it down and give it back to me!"

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