Chinese Host Apologizes for Touching Taylor Swift

By Bryan Grogran

Taiwan-born host and MTV VJ Andy Chen has apologized on Weibo after fans accused him of touching pop star Taylor Swift inappropriately at her fan event in Guangzhou on November 11. 

Weibo erupted in the aftermath of the event, at which Chen can be seen placing his hand on Swifts back and on her hand at multiple points, while conversing with the musical superstar on stage. The term or salty pig hand, which usually describes sexual harassment, was used by netizens in relation to Chens onstage behavior. 

The host was also criticized for interrupting Swift as she talked and for his shoddy effort in translating for the performer.

Image via @/Weibo

Image via @/Weibo

Chen took to the microblogging site after the event to apologize to Swift and her fans, and thanked them for their constructive criticism. He concluded his Weibo post by saying, I like Taylor as much as you, and I look forward to seeing her in China again.

It was later pointed out by netizens that Chens hand didnt actually touch Swifts back, but rather hovered behind her for a few moments. 

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[Cover image via QQ News]

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