Celebrate Ancient Yi Culture at This Festival in Sichuan

The Daliangshan International Theatre Festival will be held from November 19 to December 1 in the city of Xichang. Among other things, the festival will explore the culture of the ethnic Yi people and the beautiful landscape of Daliangshan. 

Located in southern Sichuan province, Liangshan is home to the largest group of ethnic Yi people. The area is special because it preserves the traditional culture of the Yi people.

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The solar calendars of the ancient Yi and Mayan civilizations are credited as the two jades in the East and West. In addition, the characters used by the ancient Yi are some of the worlds most ancient.

One of the many events that will be held during the 13-day festival is the Torch Festival, a traditional celebration of the Yi people involving many different ways to play with fire. Spectators can also witness the game Cuo Tai Ji, which invites deceased ancestors to bless their descendants. 

The Daliangshan International Theatre Festival will celebrate the rich ethnic culture of Liangshan with 300 theatrical performances, including classic dramas, impromptu performances, street shows, water stages, bonfires and more. 

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In addition to hundreds of performances, there will be drama camps, drama forums and drama workshops so you can hone your craft.  

When the sun reaches the Tropic of Capricorn, you can ring in the New Year along with the ethnic Yi people. You can celebrate by visiting an authentic Yi village and meeting hospitable Yi families. 

From prayers and sacrifices, to songs and dances, to mountains and lakes, there is an endless amount of things to see and do in the Yi village. 

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During the festival, a banquet with 1,000 ethnic Yi people will be held. Here, youll be able to savor delicious food from the bronze hot pot and sample authentic wines of the Yi people.

In addition to the areas unique food and culture, Liangshan just so happens to boast the beautiful Qionghai Lake and Luojishan Mountain, which is widely known as the worlds ancient glacier geopark. Visitors can also drop by the Mosuo ancient village by Lugu Lake and Shangri-La, made famous by American explorer Joseph Locke. 

This festival has it all, from cultural performances to beautiful scenery to delicious food and wine.

For more details, visit www.dlsfestival.com.