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Young Lady Detained After Posing in Sexy Lingerie on SH Metro!

Source: OT-Team(S,J), Shanghai TV,

On September 2, videos of a female passenger showed up in lingerie on Shanghai Metro Line 6, who was posing for others to take pictures, were widely spread on the internet.

The videos showed that, the young lady was making some sexy poses from time to time, and her friends were busy taking pictures of it.

Related topics had also quickly topped the most searched ones in Shanghais local news platforms.

For such indecent behavior, the local police had quickly responded.

In the afternoon of September 2nd, the Urban Rail and Bus Corps branch of the Shanghai Police announced through its official Weibo that, the three young ladies were subject to administrative detention and the young man was subject to administrative fines for disturbing the order in public areas.

As per the investigation of police4 people were related to the case, including 3 young ladies who were all 24 years old, and a young man aged 23. To promote the underwear products they sell, 2 of the ladies invited another one as the model for making some promotional photos.

At about 5:54am on September 2, the above four people entered the station from Century Avenue Station and took Metro Line 6.

The lady who worked as the model, then removed her clothes and masks, leaving only the underwear on, and the other three people filmed it on metro.

The police also reminded: for both ordinary citizens and "internet celebrities", when taking photos and videos while taking public transportation, it is always necessary to dress decently, wear masks, abide by public orders and should not affect other passengers.

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