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Latest: Shanghai Announced Strict Restrictions for Travelers

Latest: Shanghai Announced Strict Restrictions for Travelers

Shanghai has announced strict management of travelers from domestic epidemic-hit areas. The specific measures are as follows:


For those coming to or returning to Shanghai with a history of living in high-risk areas within 7 days:

  • 7-day centralized quarantine

  • PCR tests as requested


For those coming to or returning to Shanghai with a history of living in medium-risk areas within 7 days:

  • 7-day health monitoring at home (if not qualified, then centralized quarantine)

  • PCR tests as requested


For those coming to or returning to Shanghai with a history of living in low-risk areas within 7 days:

  • 2 PCR tests in 3 days after arrival

Static management

For those from county/city/province that is under temporary static COVID control:

  • 7-day centralized quarantine

These travelers are asked to report their jounrey to neighborhood committee/unit/hotel as soon as possible, no later than 12 hours after arriving in Shanghai.


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