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For 3 Cases, Shanghai Steps up COVID Control Before Holiday

For 3 Cases, Shanghai Steps up COVID Control Before Holiday

Shanghai reports 1 local confirmed case, 1 local asyptomatic case today, and adds 2 high-risk areas, 4 medium-risk areas.

Downtown Jing'an first reported a COVID community infection yesterday. According to Shanghai Health Commission, the girl who came to Shanghai for medical treatment, had been to a hair salon, several supermarkets and convenience stores, a restaurant, a shopping mall and a public toilet in Jing'an, Putuo and Huangpu districts, in addition to the hotel and the Children's Hospital of Shanghai on Luding Road in Putuo District.

Districts step up mass testing over local cases found right before holiday

Jing'an: 2 tests in 3 days, starting from Tuesday

Putuo: 2 tests in 3 days, starting from Tuesday

Changning: Friday, Monday

Minhang: Wednesday evening, Sunday morning

Qingpu: Wednesday evening, Sunday morning

Huangpu: Tuesday, Thursday evenings

Yangpu: Thursday, Sunday evening

Songjiang: Wednesday, Friday morning

Baoshan: Wednesday evening, Sunday morning

Familiar abnormal results in mixed tube tests, familiar temporary lockdown in specific areas

What happened to Guangfulin Neighborhood in Songjiang District? Netizens asked.

As usual, authority responded with based on National and citys prevention rules, the neighborhood is put under temporary control after an abnormal result found in regular tests.

This afternoon the person is confirmed to be COVID positive.

Still, it is not single under temporary lockdown in this round with more frequent tests ongoing.

Upcoming holiday? Are we still expecting any getaways?

The traditional festival falls on Saturday this year.

City's Health Commission advised residents not to leave Shanghai unless 'absolutely necessary', echoing similar advisories made by other cities this month.

"During the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival holiday, residents are advised not to leave Shanghai or travel overseas, unless it is absolutely necessary," Wu Qianyu, a senior official with the commission told the city's COVID-19 press briefing on Tuesday. 

Advisories or real restrictions in place? 2 more days to go, let's see...

COVID policies nationwide are keeping tens of millions of people under temporary lockdown. Certain staff have been requested not to leave.

Nanjing and Wuxi, major cities in Jiangsu province, recommended residents not leave town during the Saturday-Monday mid-autumn festival.

Chengdu, where most of the 21.2 million residents remained on Wednesday in a lockdown that began last Thursday, has yet to announce a plan to end the strict curbs.

In Beijing, the suburban Yizhuang economic and technological development zone has asked many staff not leave the city unnecessarily during mid-autumn festival or the week-long holiday in early October, while residents of the area were also advised to stay put.

Beijing reported 14 locally transmitted infections for Tuesday, the capital's highest daily count since mid-June. All but two of the infections had been quarantined for medical observation before diagnosis, the city said on Wednesday.

Source: SHINE, Reuters,


COVID-19 Update Sep. 6th

1. Shanghai: 

+0 local case

+12 imported COVID-19 cases

2. Chinese mainland:

+323 local cases

+57 imported COVID-19 cases

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