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China Promotes Nationwide Mutual Recognition of Health Codes!

Source: China Daily & SCMP

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China has finished the initial phase of building a national platform on health information, a health official said on Friday.

Mao Qun'an, director of the National Health Commission's department of planning and information, said during a news conference that all provincial-level regions and 85 percent of city-level regions have also built regional platforms to consolidate information on demographics, online health records of local residents and electronic medical records.

More than 2,200 hospitals of the tertiary level the highest among a three-tier grade system for hospitals have achieved information sharing with each other.

Usually, travelers are required to download or switch to a different health code system after arriving at their destination province. 
But sometimes their test results, conducted in another province, do not appear in the health code system of the destination province. 
The vaccination status from a different province will not be updated in the health code unless it is manually inputted into the destinations database.

Mao Qun'an

Mao said the commission is working with other government organs to promote mutual recognition of digital health codes managed by different localities, so as to bring convenience for travelers.
The country has achieved one province, one code and the nationwide sharing of [the colour] of health code, facilitating the safe and orderly travel of the masses, said Mao Qunan, the health authoritys director of planning.


We are working with relevant departments to continuously improve the management of health codes and promote the interoperability and mutual recognition of health codes while facilitating normal travel.
To help tackle the COVID-19 epidemic, key information on infected patients, regional health risks, nucleic acid testing results and vaccination records is also being shared across regions, he added.

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