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Working from Home vs Working in Office, Which Do You Prefer?

Working from Home vs Working in Office, Which Do You Prefer?

As the pandemic drags on, some employees are getting more attached to the flexibility of remote work and they don't want to lose it when their offices reopen.  

Remote offices, during this pandemic, have commonly included employees working from home or a place of their choosing due to health concerns and social distancing requirements. 

According to a survey in Hong Kong by accounting giant PwC, 9 out of 10 employees prefer to work remotely.

However, many of employers would rather see their staff back in the office once Covid-19 has subsided as they think working from home are "not as productive and responsible compared to those who work in the office".

# Full-time remote #

In a full-time remote workplace, employees and owners often work at home or in a workspace other than a traditional office. 

For fully distributed organizations, there is no office, and all employees work remotely from a location of their choosing. 

# In-person #

In-person is what we think of as a traditional workplace experience. Employers and employees working in an office, shop, warehouse, or other location together as a unit. 

# Hybrid #

Hybrid is basically a combination of the two, with employees spending some portion of their work week in a remote scenario and the other part at the office. 

Actually, flexibility, like the option to work remotely, doesn't just benefit workers but also employers as the option could lower cost of running a business, and help attract more talents with fewer limits. 

For example, Standard Chartered was an early adopter of a hybrid working model, making the move in early 2021 as the Covid-19 pandemic raged. It was able to reduce its Hong Kong office space by 30% to curb costs, as a result.

Another lender, DBS Bank, extended its work-from-home allowance to up to 40% in last year.

While we cant say which option may be best, here're a few factors to consider!

Work-Life Balance 

The elimination of a commute for many employees can free up a precious hour or two to spend time with family, care for an elderly parent, or pursue a hobby or passion project. 

Working remotely or in a hybrid option allows for a little bit more flexibility when it comes to parenting, living life, and having time for ourselves. 

Employee Interactions 

On the other side of the debate stands this idea that many organizations rely on a consistent work environment where employees can interact in-person regularly and spontaneously. These easy collaborations, not fully possible through Zoom calls or Slack channels, can help with team building and the ability to work on shared projects. In this scenario, in-person work environments win out. 

Widen Talent Pool 

When a business has a set office location, the talent pool is often limited to a commutable distance to that office. When companies open up their workplace to remote options, they often get the added bonus of a wider talent pool that could live anywhere in the country. This is highly advantageous if your business needs access to skills and talents that are in high demand in your area. 

This is one area where hybrid options are not advantageous. If there is a requirement to be in the office a certain number of times a week or for regular meetings, flying across the country or driving multiple hours, is not always the best option for highly skilled workers. 


Traditionally speaking, it was once thought that being in the office was the most productive place for employees. The opposite is actually proving to be true. With fewer interruptions and the ability to work independently, many businesses are finding that productivity is up for their remote and hybrid workers. 

Source: Enterprise Center, South China Morning Post

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