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Shanghai Tightening COVID Control for 1 Local Case

Shanghai Tightening COVID Control for 1 Local Case

Shanghai is strengthening the management of all cross-provincial offline meetings, trainings, exhibitions and other activities.

These meetings should be postponed, shifted online or scaled down, and full responsibility will be on the hosts and organizers of these events, according to the city's COVID-19 prevention and control authority.

Residents are advised not to leave the city during the upcoming September 10 Mid-Autumn Festival. They can take countryside trips or urban tours within the city, Yuan Zheng'an, a member of Shanghai's COVID-19 experts' team, suggested.

To leave Shanghai, residents must have a negative PCR report within 72 hours, a negative PCR report within 48 hours for those in low-risk areas.

The city reported a community infection on Tuesday, a business traveler from southwest China, two days before local schools reopen.

The 25-year-old man, who stays in JI Hotel's Caohejing branch in Minhang District, took a flight from Chengdu in Sichuan Province to Shanghai's Hongqiao International Airport on Monday.

He was diagnosed as a confirmed case with mild symptoms, Wu Qianyu, a senior official with the Shanghai Health Commission, told the city's COVID-19 press briefing on Wednesday morning.

The office building, Ruite International Building at 1888 Yishan Road, has since been listed as a high-risk area. All the building's entrances and exits have been cordoned off and guarded around the clock.

There are currently five high-risk areas in Shanghai's Yangpu and Minhang districts as well as the Pudong New Area, along with a dozen medium-risk areas in Pudong, Xuhui, Yangpu and Baoshan.

Source: SHINE


COVID-19 Update Aug. 31st

1. Shanghai: 

+1 local case

+4 imported COVID-19 cases

2. Chinese mainland:

+349 local cases

+43 imported COVID-19 cases

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