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Nearly 40,000 Quarantined After Waterpark Related COVID Outbreak

Source: OT-Team(S,J), China News, Beijing Youth

Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan Province, reported 121 local confirmed cases and 69 local asymptomatic infections on August 30. New local cases are clearly related to Lantu Fitness and Swimming Pool and Global Center Water Park, according to local announcement.

Chengdu local epidemic is still in the stage of rapid rise

From August 25th to 29th, a total of 433 local cases had already been reported in the local epidemic in Chengdu, including 322 confirmed cases and 111 asymptomatic infections.
According to local reports, due to the extremely hot weather in Chengdu, many citizens have been to indoor waterparks and swimming pools. As those places were humid and with bad air circulation, plus the lack of proper personal protection during the entertainment activities in water, it easily caused virus spreading, and resulted in a high risk of social transmission.

As of 14:00 on the 30th, Chengdu has detected 17,326 close contacts and 21,233 secondary close contacts, all of whom had been put under isolation and observation control.

Meanwhile, seven districts including Tianfu New District, Qingyang District, Jinniu District, Chenghua District, and Wuhou District, had carried out large scale nucleic acid testing for all residents.

At present, the number of new local infected cases in Chengdu is growing rapidly, the epidemic situation is in a period of rapid rise, and some cases have a wide track of social activities before being detected, the risk of community transmission still exists, and the epidemic situation is severe.

Measures to cut off virus spreading

Chengdu officials have released notification on Tuesday, urging a strict implementation of classified management on different areas according to different risk levels. Districts, counties and cities of high risk with infections discovered will be placed under lockdown and residents from areas of medium-risk are restricted from leaving their compounds.

A citywide nucleic acid testing will be carried out and the residents have to present negative nucleic acid testing results obtained within 48 or 24 hours to enter public venues.

Dine-in services in key areas are suspended, public places such as internet cafe, libraries, and indoor entertainment venues are also suspended.

From August 31st, those entering airports and railways stations in Chengdu, are required to present 24-hour negative nucleic acid testing reports.

For going to other regular public areas in the city, 48-hour negative nucleic acid testing reports are required, and 24-hour negative nucleic acid testing reports are required for key areas.

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