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Man Detained for 10-Days after Abusing Others In WeChat Group

Source: iNEWS

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Recently, a man named Han helped his buddy, abusing a resident of the same village with crude language for up to 5 minutes in the WeChat group.

The resident believed that Han's behavior had caused great psychological harm to him, so he called the police.
At present, Han has been administratively detained for 10 days and fined 300 yuan for intentionally abusing others according to the law.

Image source: Civil Code of the People's Republic of China

"Civil Code of the People's Republic of China" No. 1024 stipulates: "Civil subjects enjoy the right of reputation. No organization or individual may infringe on the right of reputation of others by insulting, slandering or other means."
"Reputation is a measure of the character, prestige, reputation and reputation of civil subjects. Social evaluation of talent, credit, etc."

Experts said that the rapid development of the Internet allows everyone to share their feelings and opinions anytime, anywhere, but it is also easy to cause some netizens to make inappropriate remarks on the spur of the moment, infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others. 
Therefore, everyone must have a sense of risk and legal awareness when making comments on the Internet.

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