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How Many Times Can You Visit China with Your Visa{Full Details}

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Number of Entry is a very important element for a Visa, because it decides how many times the visa-holder can enter into a country or region during the validity, basically matters to a second or following trips. 

What is Number of Entry?For overseas visitors, China Visa has three different number of entries: China Single Entry, Double and Multiple Entries Visa.

When applying for China Visa, based on personal travel plans, all applicants will fill in proposed number of entries to China, either 1 entry (within 3 months), 2 entries (valid for 3 to 6 months), or multiple entries (for 6 months, 1 year and above) on the China Visa Application Form. 
The embassy visa officer will give a final number of entries by considering your application materials and intended purpose to  China.

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Once successfully issued, the Entries is stamped clearly in Arabic numerals with proper visa type, validity, issuance date and personal information on the China Visa page.  
01 () means single (one) entry, 02 () stands for double (dual) entries, M () means multiple entries
Literally, youre allowed to enter China 1, 2 or many times as long as the visa is still valid. 
A China Visa will become invalid if the number of entries has been used up, or the entry date expires (even there is entry times left). A new trip to China requires a new China Visa with valid entries.
Single Entry Visa

China Single-entry Visa is a one entry visa allowing only one entry and one exit out of China
It is usually issued for short-term visitors to destinations in one single trip, like Tourist Group Visa for no longer than 30 days, and special long-term types of China Visa, such as China Z/X1/J1/Q1/S1/D Visa with a stay over 180 days. 
Short-term tourists or business visitors or travelers for other aims shall exit before the permitted stay period ends. 
Another entry without a valid China Visa is strictly forbidden.
Long-term Single Entry Visa holders, like the Z Visa, are required to apply for a China Residence Permit from the Exit & Entry Administrative Department of local Public Security Bureau where you will stay, within 30 days after entry.

Double Entry Visa

China Double Entry Visa is a kind of visa given two/dual entries for aliens to China
Easy to understand that, holding a China double-entry Visa, you can enter and exit, and enter again before the expiration date. No need to apply a visa for the second visit. 
It should be noted that Hong Kong and Macau are regarded as third regions from mainland, which means, another entry is required when you return to mainland from HK or Macau later.

Multiple Entry Visa 

A China Multiple-entry Visa refers to the holders can enter China many times during the validity
It can be issued to short-term (3 months, 6 months) or long-term (1 year, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years) visitors
As long as the visa is still valid, there is no limitation of the number of entries. 

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