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Groom is killed by LIGHTNING when taking photos with fiance...


A groom was killed by a lightning strike as he was posing for engagement photos with his fiance in a popular tourist spot in China.

The horrific incident occurred on Wednesday 24 August at China's Yulong Snow Mountain in the Yunnan province.

The man, who was named as Ruan by Chinese media, died instantly after being hit by a bolt of lightning while photographers were taking pictures of him and his fiance at Spruce Meadow. 

According to eyewitnesses' recollections.

"There was a sudden lightning struck down, and so we looked back to find the couple were struck together, and then the photographer, makeup artist shouted to call 110, 120. The fiance slowed down for a while and was rescued back, but the groom still hasn't moved. "


Before the lightning struck Chinese authorities issued a yellow weather warning, the third highest under the country's weather system.  

The couple decided to go ahead with the planned photoshoot despite the warning.   

Emergency services rushed to the scene and could be pictured carrying the man in torrential rain.   




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