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FOUR Chinese Cities Announced Tighten Epidemic Control: Update

Source: Global Times & China Daily

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Several of China's biggest cities have stepped up COVID-19 restrictions this week, curtailing the activities of tens of millions of people.


Shenzhen Mayor Qin Weizhong

Shenzhen Mayor Qin Weizhong chaired a meeting on Monday and urged efforts to stem the spread in the shortest time possible and hold firm the bottom line that there would be no large-scale COVID-19 rebound in the city.
On Monday alone, Shenzhen reported 35 new COVID-19 infections, of which 24 were confirmed as locally transmitted and 11 asymptomatic carriers, according to the local health authority on Tuesday.
The new cases covered the districts of Futian, Luohu, Nanshan, Longgan and Yantian.

Source: Shenzhen Epidemic Control Headquarters

Restaurants and canteens in the Futian and Luohu districts have been ordered to limit their operating capacity and service hours, and to temporarily halt dine-in services for four days, Monday to Thursday.
Meanwhile, all deliverymen in the two districts are prohibited from entering residential communities and urban villages, and takeaways and packages should be placed at designated locations for collection.
Large conferences, activities, forums, performances, sales promotions, fairs and square dancing have been halted. Parks in the two districts are temporarily closed.
Wholesale markets and indoor recreational facilities were ordered to suspend business. Education and training institutions should halt in-person operation in Futian and Luohu.
On Tuesday, the Shenzhen district of Longhua, which has 2.5 million residents, closed entertainment venues and wholesale markets, and suspended large events.
People must show proof of negative test results within 24 hours to enter residential compounds, and restaurants must limit patrons to half of capacity, Longhua's district authorities said. The new curbs will run until Saturday.


Several residential compounds in Haizhu district in Guangzhou have been sealed off

Guangzhou health authorities reported seven new cases in Haizhu district, six of them with symptoms, on Wednesday.
The outbreak was caused by the Omicron subvariant BA. 2.76 but the source remained unknown.
The cases activity sites are complex, involving crowded places such as swimming pools and markets, and there is a high risk of community transmission, said Zhang Yi, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission.In response to the outbreak, the district has banned restaurant dining, suspended services at public buildings, and encouraged employees to work from home. 
Several bus and subway stations have been shut, while other routes have been altered.
Authorities have also ordered all schools and kindergartens to delay the start of the school year, which usually happens on September 1 C and halt offline classes.
The district is carrying out mass tests on almost 1.6 million people, with the first round taking place on Tuesday and the second on Wednesday.


Residents line up to take nucleic acid tests in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province on August 27, 2022.

Chengdu, capital city of Southwest China's Sichuan Province tightened its COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control starting Tuesday by rolling out measures including carrying out citywide nucleic acid testing, suspending operation of entertainment venues and putting off the autumn semester for local schools in a bid to curb the fast spreading of the sudden flare-up started on August 25 in a timely manner. 
Sichuan registered 167 new local confirmed infections and 109 asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 on Monday, including 141 confirmed cases and 70 asymptomatic carriers in Chengdu. The accumulated infections in Chengdu has reached 500 as of Monday. Chengdu city epidemic prevention and control headquarters released notification on Tuesday, urging a strict implementation of classified management on different areas according to different risk levels.
Districts, counties and cities of high risk with infections discovered will be placed under lockdown and residents from areas of medium-risk are restricted in their compounds
A citywide nucleic acid testing will be carried out and the residents have to present negative nucleic acid testing results obtained within 48 or 24 hours to enter public venues. 
The autumn semester for local kindergartens and primary and middle schools scheduled to start on September 1 will be put off and all kinds of onsite training courses are suspended. 
Dine-in services in key areas are also suspended and the operation of all kinds of entertainment and cultural venues such as internet caf, libraries and indoor stadia are suspended. 
In addition, management on departing and arriving at the city is also tightened with personnel departing the city required to obtain negative nucleic acid testing results obtained within 24 hours. 
According to the epidemic prevention authority, the measures came into effect since Tuesday will be implemented for five days and will be dynamically adjusted based on the progress of the epidemic and the need for prevention and control. 


Luzhou reported one more asymptomatic infection on Monday and accumulated eight infections including two confirmed cases and six asymptomatic carries since August 24, according to Health Commission of Luzhou City.
Luzhou city in Sichuan, tightened the management at community level in parts of Longmatan district, with a series of measures including lockdown at high-risk areas and suspension of in-person education of new semester for local schools

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