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China-UK Direct Flights Resume, No Details of Return Flight Yet

China-UK Direct Flights Resume, No Details of Return Flight Yet

The UK and China have agreed to resume direct passenger flights, another sign of Chinese authorities slowly loosening their grip on the worlds tightest Covid-19 regime and opening up to travel again.

Chinese airlines will offer the first flights and work is ongoing to resume routes for UK carriers, the British Embassy in China said in a tweet, confirming an agreement between the UK Department for Transport and the Civil Aviation Administration of China. 

Air China: Beijing/Shanghai - London

Air China will restore the Beijing-London flight every Thursday from August 11 and the Shanghai-London flight from Pudong airport every Saturday. An economy-class ticket is being sold for 12,270 yuan (US$1,823).

China Eastern: Shanghai - London

The Shanghai-based China Eastern will restore Flight MU551 from Pudong to London on Friday and August 19. Ticket sales have also begun on its official app.

China Southern: Guangzhou - London

The Guangzhou-based China Southern will operate the Guangzhou-London flight every Wednesday from August 17.

Capital Airlines: Qingdao - London

Capital Airlines, an airline based in Beijing, will restore the direct service from Qingdao in east China's Shandong Province to London from August 19.



The airlines have yet to announce details of the return flights.

Resumption of service by British Airways is still being studied.

Easier, cheaper to travel

After China-UK direct passenger flights had been suspended since December 2020, passengers have had to transfer in European cities, such as Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Amsterdam or Paris, to fly between the two countries since. China Southern's previous flight between Guangzhou and London, for instance, stopped by in Paris, which prolonged the journey to nearly 20 hours.

After the resumption of the direct service, the Guangzhou-London flight will take some 11 hours, and the ticket price has also been largely reduced.

A London-Shanghai China Eastern ticket was sold for over 90,000 yuan in July, despite the transfer-transit process, compared with the more than 10,000 yuan for the resumed direct service.

Previous signs of border reopening

What are the other moves by China to ease its stringent pandemic border policy?

International flights

China on Sunday shortened suspensions for airlines that carry passengers infected with COVID. 

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China Cuts Suspension of Intl Flights! Case Number Won't Matter


Mandatory quarantine was halved to 7 days in June and direct flights to the capital Beijing are starting up again for the first time since 2020. 

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Quarantine Period Halved for Intl. Arrivals & Close Contacts!

HK Shortens Arrivals' Quarantine, Assigning Similar Health Code

PU, reunion and international students

China canceled PU letter for people who come to work in China or visit family members, instead, they can directly apply for a visa from Chinese overseas consulate with work permit notice/family relationship certificate and other materials.

In the meanwhile, an increasing number of international students received emails from their Chinese universities inquiring whether they want to return to China and complete the study face-to-face. 

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Gooooood NewsPU Letter Is Finally No Longer Needed!!

Family Reunion Getting Easier Now as Quarantine Period Shortened!

Is China Really Bringing Back International Students This Time?

Source: Bloomberg News, SHINE

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