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What?"Blue Health Codes" For Who Have Not Been Fully Vaccinated?


In response to the suggestion of a provincial people's congress deputy that those who fail to fulfill their personal responsibilities of epidemic prevention and control and those who fail to get fully vaccinated should be given "blue health codes," the health authorities in Guangdong Province said they would not imply the blue code management for the time being.

Liu Shixing, a deputy of Guangdong Provincial People's Congress, suggested to the Guangdong Provincial Health Commission that "blue codes" should be given to those who fail to fulfill their personal responsibilities of epidemic prevention and control, including those who should take nucleic acid testing but have not been tested and those who have not been fully vaccinated.

The commission said on July 26 that they will not imply the "blue code" system so far for a few reasons. First reason is that there are no relevant policies to support such method at present.

Second, not all people are eligible for vaccination. Some people cannot be vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated temporarily due to vaccination taboos and "blue codes" may cause inconvenience to the normal activities of citizens, leading to people's incomprehension, lack of support and cooperation in implementing the policy.

Third, as the vaccination data of each province has not been connected to the national database, it is impossible to accurately judge and assign codes according to the vaccination situation in other provinces. Therefore, the grass-roots level needs to supplement the vaccination data from other provinces, which will greatly increase the extra burden of the grass-roots level.

Fourth, along with China's policy adjustment and demand changes of vaccination manufacturers, vaccination recommendations and requirements are also different in different groups of people. Besides, the code assignment judgment rules are complex, which needs to be adjusted frequently. If the adjustment is not timely or the rule of judgment is not accurate, it may cause errors.

The ninth version of the COVID-19 prevention and control protocols has made it very clear that COVID-19 vaccination must be conducted under informed consent and voluntary participation.



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