2022-07-26 18:12


China continue to adjust&improve entry-and-exit control measures


China's National Immigration Administration (NIA) will continue to adjust and improve entry-and-exit control measures in line with the changing COVID-19 situation to fully meet people's necessary need for cross-border travel, a spokesperson said Tuesday.

The immigration administration work will also continue to facilitate enterprises' production and operation to promote the country's opening-up, as well as international exchanges and cooperation, said Zhang Ning, the spokesperson for NIA.

Currently, with routine COVID-19 control measures in place, China's immigration authorities process exit and entry certificates in a timely manner for people whose overseas travel is necessary, Zhang said.

The purposes of travel include COVID-19 prevention and treatment work, participation in key engineering projects, the transportation of production and daily necessities, business, employment, production, scientific research, overseas study, examinations, academic exchanges, seeking medical treatment, visiting family and relatives, looking after the elderly, pregnant or lying-in women, attending the next of kin's wedding ceremony or graduation ceremony, family reunion and dealing with overseas emergencies, among other matters.

For extremely urgent matters, express services will be provided.

According to data unveiled Tuesday at an NIA press conference, the number of cross-border travelers recorded by China's immigration authorities in the second quarter of 2022 was 32.29 million, up 5.64 percent quarter on quarter. 



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