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Zero COVID Cases Reported Outside Quarantine for 2nd Day in Row

By Ned Kelly

Shanghai Health Commission reported a total of 52 locally transmitted COVID-19 cases this morning, Sunday, May 22.

Of those, 29 were converted from asymptomatic cases, so are not counted as new, leaving a total of 23 new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases.

A further 570 local asymptomatic cases were also reported.

That makes a total of 593 new cases reported, 226 fewer than the 819 reported yesterday, Saturday, May 21.

Of the 23 new local cases reported today, all 23 tested positive during central quarantine, while 0 tested positive while being screened as a part of risk groups.

Of the 570 new asymptomatic cases, 570 tested positive during central quarantine, while 0 tested positive while being screened as a part of risk groups.

That makes a total of 0 cases reported outside of central quarantine for the second day in a row.

The city had previously enjoyed a five-day run of 0 cases outside of central quarantine up until Thursday, May 19, before 3 were reported in Qingpu District on Friday, May 20.

Three deaths were reported in Shanghai today. The death toll in the current outbreak is 584, with all reported to have had underlying diseases.

The numbers come as Shanghai begins easing restrictions, and targets getting back to 'normal life' from June 1.

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The Shanghai government has enacted a 'three areas division' policy, with areas designated as 'Locked Down,' 'Managed & Controlled' or 'Precautionary.'

Click the below link for a breakdown of those three types of designated area...

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Want to figure out your projected compound lockdown release date? There's a site for that. Click the link below to find out more...

READ MORE: This Site Tells You Your Expected Lockdown Release Date

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