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You Won't Believe These Wonderlands Until You See Them

Somewhere tucked away in China lives a mysterious valley with mesmerizing, transparent green waters.

There youll find cliff planks, a virgin forest, waterfalls, a stunning sea of clouds, karst landforms... This place is truly magical!

This secret place has been rated as "the most beautiful wonderland in China" by CNN, "the most beautiful place in China" by China National Geographic, and has been added to the world heritage list by UNESCO.

This is Enshi , in Hubei province. The scenery here is breathtaking, and the best part is that very few people know about it. Fewer tourists, happier times.

It hides many unexplored secrets for you to uncover and explore!

It is also an excellent summer resort best suited for travel plans between April and August, as temperatures remain cool in its hottest days of summer.

If youre in need of a getaway to retreat and unwind, surrounded by mountains and clear waters, Enshi is the perfect place to do so.

The 'Hefeng Pingshan Canyon' in Enshi

Time seems to stop once youre there

Hefeng county, to which the canyon belongs, is one of five special remote counties in the whole country (no high-speed, no national road, no railway, no airport, no shipping routes). Due to the inconvenience of transportation, this mysterious area is better protected, and its ecological environment is mind-blowing.


Enshi Grand Canyon

The Enshi Grand Canyon is located in Baoxiang and Banqiao town, near the three gorges of the Yangtze River. It makes up a section of the Qingjiang Grand Canyon.


Ancient Riverbed of Qingjiang River

It was also named one of the "most beautiful hiking routes in China" by National Geographic Magazine.

The area is practically unexplored, with only a few inhabited homes in the area and a well preserved natural landscape. Green mosses grow all over surrounding cliffs, waterfalls run loud from the mountain stream, and the mist in the primeval forest makes hiking adventures all the more worthwhile.


Shiziguan Waterway

Located in Chengzhushan town, Xuanen county, Enshi City() is rated as "the most beautiful floating bridge in Hubei province".

This whole area is truly memorable, and makes for amazing photoshoots!

Have you been to any of these above-mentioned places before? 

Would you consider visiting them despite the recent outbreak, once the province is officially in the clear?

Share your experience and aspirations with our community in the comment section below!

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