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That's Magazine C May 2022 Issue Out Now!

April was a difficult month; Shanghai continued to see record-high COVID cases, Guangzhou went into partial lockdown and Beijing might be heading down the same road, all of which impacted global stock prices (see p22-23).

Said lockdowns also had an effect on Shanghais pet owners, some of whom had to leave their furry friends behind when they were taken into centralized quarantine. On page 10, we interview several business owners and foreign and international volunteers who dedicated their time to saving Shanghais vulnerable critters.

Elsewhere in the mag, we look at China's metro system. China boasts not only the busiest, but also the longest metro system in the world. Did you know their engineering and design also sets them apart from other underground railway systems?

This issues cover story explores the weird and wonderful world of Chinas metro systems, from the middle-of-nowhere station to one that runs right through an apartment block, Alistair Baker-Brian gives you the lowdown on whacky trains and stations.

Finally, Li Bowen gives us an in-depth look at Chinas blooming perfume industry, where homegrown brands are giving international ones a run for their money in the Middle Kingdom. Bowen met influencers and industry insiders to examine Chinas olfactory economy.

Happy reading!

Lars Hamer

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