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Students resume classes from June 6 after over 2 months at home!

Students in the second and third years of high school in Shanghai will resume classes on campus from June 6, and students in the final year of junior high school will return to their classrooms from June 13, after having attended online classes for nearly three months.

Other students in primary and middle schools will continue online classes until the end of the semester, Yang Zhenfeng, deputy director of the Shanghai Education Commission. 

Yang noted that in-person school resumption is not mandatory, as students are also allowed to continue studying at home.

All campuses will be disinfected beforehand, especially those that were used as temporary quarantine centers for COVID-19 positive cases or contacts, Yang said. These campuses have all been closed and disinfected at least three times, according to Yang. All the disinfection will be finished before May 29, so that the campuses have about one week to be ventilated.

Special nucleic acid sampling and detection working teams have also been established to make sure students take nucleic acid tests before classes are over and get the results on the second day before they go to school.

Teachers and students all need to take a COVID-19 antigen test before going to school and receive a nucleic acid test before leaving school, with temperatures checked twice a day, said the authorities.


Source: globaltimes

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