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Pain or Gain | Could Lockdown Save You from Parking Fees?

Pain or Gain | Could Lockdown Save You from Parking Fees?

Though it's reported that during lockdown, parking fees would be exempted for those car owners whose vehicles were in public places, reality is always different.

The owner of a car stranded in the Terminal 1 parking area of the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport for almost two months, due to the citywide COVID-19 pandemic lockdown since April 1, was hit with a 6,125-yuan (US$917) parking charge when the vehicle was driven away on Tuesday, Eastday.com reported on Wednesday.

The receipt, which has gone viral online, showed that the car entered the parking lot around 10:26am on March 29 and left at 4:53pm on May 24.

Car owners will be charged first and refunded later, once specific policy guidelines are released, staff member of the parking lot told Eastday.com.

However, staff at the city's large shopping malls such as the Grand Gateway 66 in Xuhui District and Taikoo Li Qiantan in the Pudong New Area said they haven't received any notice on parking-fee deductions yet and are currently charging normal rates, the report said.

Source: SHINE  

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