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More International Students are Learning Calligraphy...


An increasing number of Lebanese students have become interested in learning the Chinese language and exploring China's culture and civilization, said Nisrine Abdel Nour Lattouf, director of the Confucius Institute at the Saint Joseph University (USJ).

"Lebanese parents are keen to let their children learn the Chinese language ... for good job opportunities in the future as China is an economic superpower and attracts a lot of businesses from all over the world," Lattouf told Xinhua on the sidelines of a ceremony held on Tuesday at the USJ to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its Confucius Institute.

During the celebration, students expressed their great interest in the Chinese culture by giving speeches in Chinese and performing Chinese calligraphy.

The annual enrolment on the Confucius Institute has increased to about 400, Lattouf said, adding the USJ will offer a new one-year diploma program in Chinese civilization and translation in September, mainly the studies of Chinese-English translation and Chinese-Arabic translation.

The Chinese Embassy in Lebanon "has showed great support and promised to find training centers for students graduating from the program," the institute's director noted.

At the ceremony, Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon Qian Minjian praised the institute's role in promoting people-to-people exchanges and mutual understandings between China and Lebanon.

"We encourage and support the two countries to further strengthen cooperation in culture, education and youth so that more Lebanese friends, especially the young people, can experience and understand the unique charm of the Chinese culture and deepen people-to-people exchanges and traditional friendship between the two countries," Qian said.

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