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Leaving Shanghai is Bittersweet - Real Stories

Source:OT-Team(S,J), People.cn, Shanghai Observer

A passenger taking photo in the waiting hall of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

When more people embark on their journey home from Shanghai, more stories are being told, about the joy for completing the long awaited trips, about the the difficulties of getting tickets and reaching the stations, and the complicated feelings of leaving the city during the hard time.

After Hongqiao Railway station eventually increased trains for passengers leaving the city, Shanghai Railway Station has also resumed operation. Meanwhile people are allowed to leave by driving cars, under certain conditions and with Permission Letters.

Permission Letter for leaving Shanghai

According to Shanghai's new regulations, those who really need to drive motor vehicles to leave Shanghai for work, study, life and other reasons can apply to the neighborhood committee() for "Permission Letter for leaving Shanghai", provided that they comply with the epidemic prevention and control regulations.

Relevant personnel can drive motor vehicles to leave Shanghai with the Permission Letters and go directly to their destinations in other provinces and cities. The Permission Letters are valid within 6 hours from the time of departure declared.

On May 18, the next day after the application was filed, Mr. Xiao received his "Permission Letter for leaving Shanghai" in the morning. He was preparing to cook at that time, but then quickly packed his luggage.

At the entrance of the expressway, Mr. Xiao passed the inspection of the police

On the same day, he drove from Songjiang District all the way along G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway and started his journey home. After driving for eight hours, he would arrive in Wuhan.

Mr. Xiao's family members are all in his hometown in Wuhan. He planned to return to his hometown and take the quarantine there, and then look for a job to make life normal again.

Cannot leave Shanghai due to the wrong stamp

The inspection at expressway entrances, is very strict. It includes check on stamped Permission Letters, the nucleic acid and antigen testing reports, and the trunk of the vehicles must also be opened to ensure nobody is hidden inside......

At 12:00 on the 18th, the reporter noticed that about 4 of the 10 cars were persuaded to return, and most of the reasons were that the Permission Letters for leaving Shanghai were wrongly stamped.

According to relevant regulations, if people who have a place of residence in Shanghai need to travel to other provinces/cities by driving, they need to apply to neighborhood committees. However, many applicants have wrongly got the stamped letters from the residential compound committees.

I decided to help when i saw people stranded

A 18-year old boy, who was identified as a close contact as got quarantined for a week, had left Shanghai on May 12 and planned to get a new job in Shenzhen. After the epidemic is over, I will come back to Shanghai to have a look, he said. 

When being released from the quarantine hotel, Shanghai was still under lockdown, the boy had nowhere to go. "I came to Hongqiao Railway Station to leave Shanghai, but when I saw people who were stranded here and wanted to go home, I decided to stay and provide them with some help."

The boy had worked as a volunteer for over a month around Hongqiao Station, He provided mobile phone charging for temporarily stranded passengers, helped them book train tickets, and cleaned up rubbish outside the station.

All I want, is to take her home

According to a report by Paper.cn, Mr. Huang from Changzhou, took his wife to hospital in Shanghai in March, and they were stuck in Shanghai during the epidemic. Unfortunately his wife passed away in early May due to the illness.

As soon as the lockdown was lifted, Huang brought the suitcase containing his wife's ashes and walked more than 20 kilometers for more than 7 hours from Minhang District to Hongqiao Railway Station. "No matter what, I will take her home."

Man drove for 2 days and returned to Northeast China

On May 16, since he failed to get a train ticket to leave Shanghai, Mr. Liang spent 8,500 yuan to buy a second-hand car from some Douyin contact. After driving for two days and two nights, he finally returned to his hometown in Heilongjiang Province, Northeast China. 

When he rode a shared bicycle for 30-kilometer to pick up the car, he was told by the owner that the car was bought in 2006, which made him really worried that the car would break down on the road. 

At first, there was no gasoline in the car, and he could hardly get out of Shanghai. Fortunately, he met a kind person who helped him and nothing went wrong with the car along the way. 

Mr. Liang did not tell his family that he was back, for fear that they would be worried. At present, he is under isolation according to local epidemics control regulation.

Watch the Video Below

More trains have resumed now

At 13:00 on May 18, the G9303 train departed from Shanghai Railway Station to Hangzhou East Railway Station. It was the first train to resume operation at Shanghai Railway Station.

Shanghai Railway Station has already resumed trains to Nanjing, Hefei, Hangzhou, Yancheng and Lianyungang on May 18th and 19th.

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