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Latest information about Covid-19 epidemic in Shanghai

Travel Notice: Please do not travel to middle-risk and high-risk areas. Click here to check the China risk area list.

Finally, deputy mayor Zong Ming said on 16th May 2022 that Shanghais reopening would be carried out in stages. Shanghai partially restarted public transport and set out new classifications for COVID -19 risk areas, signaling a gradual reopening after nearly two months sealed off from the outside world. Below we have gathered some information for your reference.


1. Shanghai Metro Line 3, Line 6, Line 10, and Line 16 are resumed to operate on May 22, 2022. The operating hours are from 7:00 to 20:00 while other lines will still remain suspended. Shanghai Metro will resume other lines soon if the situation of the current outbreak gets better.


Resource: shmetro  


2. Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station will resume the entrance and exit of the 2F south and 1F west. Other entrances are still currently closed. To enter the station, you must have purchased a train ticket, together with a negative Covid-19 test report valid 48 hours, a negative certificate of antigen test valid 24 hours, and a green health code to enter the station.


Resource: Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station  


3. Jinshan City Beach, Lang Ha Country Park, Blossoming Sea Ecological Garden, Luxiang Fruit Park and Tinglin Site Park in Jinshan District open on May 27, 2022. At present, are only allowed the outside outdoor visits while indoor areas are still temporarily closed. Online reservations are requested before entering. 

Resource: http://sh.bendibao.com/


4. If you are seeking medical treatment or go to the airport and train station to leave Shanghai, you can call the following phone number to book a taxi 62580000, 96822, 96933, 96961. After getting on the taxi you are requested to wear a mask, scan the "place code ()", show your Shanghai Green Health Code and a negative Covid-19 test report valid for 48 hours.


Resource: http://sh.bendibao.com/


Thank you for taking the time to read the above information. If you need any support, we are always here for you. Stay safe and healthy!

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