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Careful When You 'Talk', They Know Where You Are Now

Careful When You 'Talk', They Know Where You Are Now

Social media sites normally do not reveal IP addresses between users, though the site administrators indeed know your IP address. 

Now the situation is turned over in China as WeChat, Chinas most popular app with over 1.2 billion users, starts displaying user locations when a person publishes content on public accounts.

The publishers location will be displayed based on their IP address alongside news posts on WeChat public accounts, and the function cannot be turned off by users. 

Recently, some national and world news has attracted a massive amount of attention, WeChat said in an announcement on Friday. We notice some users pretend to be people familiar with the matter, fabricate and spread disinformation online, which has caused a harmful effect in the internet space.

The measure is to maintain internet order and crack down on rumours, WeChat said. The platform will display the province or municipality where users are posting from, and the country of the users IP address will be displayed if they live abroad. 

WeChat is not the only social app making the move. On Thursday, Twitter-like social media platform Weibo imposed similar measures.

Source: South China Morning Post

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