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A director is under criminal investigation for being involved in


A man surnamed Ma was under criminal enforcement action, suspected of colluding with outside forces and try to subvert the state and split the country, the state security bureau in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province said on Tuesday. The case is under investigation. 

His name has three Chinese characters. 

Reports on the man's name of two Chinese characters are not accurate.


The man works as the director of hardware research and development department of an IT company. Being brainwashed by outside anti-China forces, since March 2022, with the incitement of an anti-China figure, Ma created an online anonymous group to play the role as agent of outside forces, spread rumors and disinformation and release so-called independence declaration to split the country and subvert the state. 

Aside from forming illegal organizations and making political outlines to subvert the state, Ma also targeted young people and university students, inciting them to join in activities that smear the country and the people. 


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