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Rural homestays have become the fastest-growing segment in the bed-and-breakfast market since the COVID-19 pandemic, fueled by travelers who seek a more relaxed, pleasant and experiential lifestyle that is close to nature, a recent report found.


Taking trips to destinations with fewer people and beautiful natural sceneries has become a trend in China since the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has fueled a niche for rural tourism, which is becoming more high-end and vacation-oriented.


Merger and acquisitions were the primary driver for the country's real estate management companies last year, involving 1 billion square meters and reaching a record high, according to the latest report by China Index Academy, a real estate research institution.


Technological products are playing a vital role in fight against the resurgence of COVID-19 by helping to prevent people from being affected by the virus in China. Unmanned sweepers and floor washing vehicles, driverless disinfection and sterilization vehicles and self-driving buses are replacing humans in various public areas in Hefei, East China's Anhui province.


Hundreds of retailers, restaurants and grocery stores have restored operation through takeaway and on-demand delivery sites in Shanghai. Meituan said the number of takeaway orders has been steadily picking up at hotpot, quick service restaurants over the past week.


Cutting-edge technologies such as extended reality, blockchain, digital twins and edge computing, will lay a foundation for building an enterprise-level metaverse, create new interactive experiences and further promote the integration of the physical and virtual world, according to a new report released by global consultancy Accenture.


China's gold jewelry consumption has almost returned to pre-pandemic levels, as shown by a relatively insignificant 8 percent year-on-year decrease to 177.5 metric tons during the first quarter, according to a senior executive of the World Gold Council.

SourceXinhuanet,Chinadaily,Shine,GdtodayChina Plus News

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