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An increasing number of Chinese companies in traditional industries are leveraging digital technologies to transform and upgrade their global business, as cloud computing is playing an increasingly important role in helping them expand their overseas footprint, according to Amazon Web Services, the cloud service platform of US technology giant Amazon.


Shanghai's e-commerce network has largely restored operations with more delivery staff and warehouses reopened, according to the city's commerce commission.Fifty-six central e-commerce warehouses, or some 80 percent of the city's total, have reopened, while 862 secondary warehouses, 73.3 percent of the total, have restored services, said Zhou Lan, deputy director of the commission on Saturday.


Shanghai reported 1,249 locally transmitted COVID-19 cases, 8,932 local asymptomatic infections and 47 deaths on Friday, said the Shanghai Health Commission on Saturday morning.


The majority of global companies in China still see the nation as one of their main strategic markets, despite challenges to their businesses caused by COVID-19 resurgences, said the country's foreign trade and investment promotion agency.


Shanghai is expecting lovely weather Sunday, May Day, with the mercury fluctuating between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius.And the city will also embrace a couple of dry and sunny days, with some cloud, from next Monday with temperatures ranging in a comfortable zone between 18 and 25.


Multinational chemical manufacturers, including BASF, Clariant and DuPont, said they have resumed or been making preparations for production resumptions in China with comprehensive plans and closed-loop management in place to ensure orderly production.


The healthy development of AI can better serve the community of life for man and nature said global experts at the Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Climate Action on April 26, 2022. The symposium hosted by the Institute for AI International Governance of Tsinghua University, with the United Nations Development Programme as the supporting international organization, convened thought leaders and practitioners across the world.

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Speaker: Caroline Parraguez

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