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150 Russian Students Return to China, First Since COVID Epidemic

Source: OT-Team(S,J), Sputnik News, Netease

According to Sputniknews, on the afternoon of April 29, local time, a plane carrying 150 Russian students back to China took off from Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow.

The plane had arrived at Shenzhen Airport on April 30. This is the first time that Russian students have returned to China since the outbreak of COVID epidemic in 2020.

A Russian student to resume study in Beijing Foreign Studies University said that, in order to return to China and continue offline classes, Russian students must first be quarantined in special isolation rooms in a designated hotel in Moscow for 7 days. Then, another 14-day quarantine in Shenzhen.

During quarantine in Russia, each of them had to undergo 3 nucleic acid tests. After arriving in China, a nucleic acid test at the airport is required. And then they need to take one nucleic acid testing every 3 days during the hotel quarantine in Shenzhen, that is, at least 8 nucleic acid tests for each student after arriving in China. In addition, some colleges and universities also require them to take isolation and observation on campus.

A female student said: "I expect to stay in China until the end of the epidemic, and all the international students who are about to fly to China have the same plan as me, because the chances of returning to China after going back to Russia from China are too small."

She said she had been waiting for the day to return to China since the start of the 2020 COVID pandemic, as she was unable to fly to Beijing after the winter break that year.

Previously, Russian students have repeatedly made requests to the Chinese embassy in Russia, as well as related departments in Russia and China, hoping to organize charter flights for them. In January of this year, China and Russia began to resume student exchanges, international students began to receive special notices and cost plans, and in early April some students were finally allowed to prepare for departure. The Russian side agreed with the Chinese side to arrange flights and quarantine procedures.

Violetta Plaksunova, a 22-year-old girl from Russia, came to China for the first time. In order to make her dream some true, she was ready to overcome all the difficulties and inconveniences she might encounter during the quarantine period. She is going to South China University of Technology in Guangzhou and is currently working hard on learning Chinese language.

When talking about her choice, Violetta said: "Everyone comes at a point in their life when they understand what they need and where they can get them. I myself realized that I wanted to live in China. The reason I chose it, was because I saw the huge potential. In China, everyone can find something for themselves. Besides, if someone masters Chinese language, its definitely easy to find a good, high-paying job in the hometown in Russia.

After arriving in Shenzhen on April 30, she said: "I'm glad I've finally arrived in China." "After arriving, we need to go through another 14 days of quarantine. Then we were will be sent to the provinces where our universities are located. And we still have to carry out the necessary quarantine," Violetta lists all the procedures that need to be followed.

Almost all of her time at the quarantine hotel is spent on language training, she said. Aside from learning Chinese online and watching TV shows, one of the most joyful activities, as Violetta admits, is waiting for and discussing about food during quarantine: The most joyful activity during quarantine is waiting to eat and then discussing it in chat groups. We communicate in the same online group, watch movies and videos together.

In 2019, before the COVID pandemic, a total of 48,000 Chinese students were studying in Russian universities. And about 20,000 Russian students were studying in Chinese universities. In addition, about 30,000 students from both countries participate in short-term education exchange programs.

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