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Learn Leadership Skills at Home With These Daily Online Classes



Youre on mute.

This is language that none of us thought would become part of our daily vocabulary C but alas, we must get cozy with them for the time being. The good news is that were no strangers to adapting at this point as we find more and more creative ways to march on in our daily lives.

LearningLeaders, Shanghais premier after-school training center for debate and public speaking, is providing a solution to students stuck in lockdown.

Since 2014, LearningLeaders has operated in China, reaching over 5,000 students. And with great competitive success, students winning the World School Debating Championships, Asian Debating Championships, European Debating Championships, USA National Championships, and the China National Debating Championships C as of 2022, for seven consecutive years!

Its no secret that student learning has been greatly disrupted in recent times. Young people have been thrown into online learning and the communication challenges that come with it. With this shift in lifestyle, it means that now, more than ever, effective communication is a non-negotiable skill for students.

Thats why LearningLeaders is offering students in China an engaging and fun way to learn and practice their effective communication. So give your kids a break from the language of lockdown and get involved with the Language of Leadership!

What is the Language of Leadership Club?

A daily live after-school educational program where students can log on, contribute, win, laugh, and learn to lead. Each day has its own activities to keep it fresh & entertaining C no mindless lecturing of material. Language of Leadership is designed to get students thinking, engaging, learning and leading.

The content covers CEO of LearningLeaders (and host of the Language of Leadership Club) Mike Hauges blueprint for successful leadership. Students will have access to 30-minute masterclasses from expert coaches, fun quiz games, live speech breakdown & analysis, and much more.

Check out the schedule here!

How Can Your Child Take Part?

Its easy - especially for the readers of Thats Shanghai!

Simply scan the QR below and use coupon code THATS to get FREE ACCESS until May 31.

Each class will run from 5-5.30pm China time, and you are just one click away from joining.

These short, online, and educational activities are a great replacement for time drainers like staring out the window, playing video games, or scrolling WeChat.

But Thats Not All...

While we have you here, you should know that LearningLeaders just launched their brand new LearningLeaders Goes Global program this week!

Scan the QR below to join the wait list, or C if youre lucky C schedule a placement test.

Global Programs begin on June 1, so theres no time to waste!

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