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Higher Transmission, Careful If You Live in Old Community!

Higher Transmission, Careful If You Live in Old Community!

According to Shanghai Health Commission, the city reported 2,736 + 20,634 local infections yesterday -- a 32 percent increase to that of Thursday, after 5 consecutive days of decline.

Among Shanghai's COVID-19 patients, 157 have severe symptoms and 18 are in critical conditions. Most were detected during central quarantine.

The surging number of new positive cases was mainly in 5 local districts C Pudong New Area, Songjiang, Baoshan, Huangpu and Yangpu (800 to 3,000 additional cases reported)

The rebound in the number of new COVID-19 cases is mainly due to transmission within old communities (especially where residents are still using shared bathrooms and kitchens), construction sites as well as companies.

"The pandemic situation in Shanghai remains tough and complicated with a large number of new infections, mainly found in the locked-down and controlled areas, as well as the central quarantine sites," said Wu Qianyu, a senior official with the commission.

She stressed all citizens within the locked-down areas must stay at home, while those in the controlled areas must avoid leaving their communities.

Local companies and construction sites that have restarted operations must conduct lockdown measures, health monitoring and screening as well as disinfection.

Source: SHINE

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COVID-19 Update Apr. 23rd

1. Shanghai: 

+2736 local cases

+0 imported COVID-19 cases

2. Chinese mainland:

+2971 local cases

+17 imported COVID-19 cases

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