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Woman Ruined 32 Wedding Dresses Just Because She Wanted...

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On January 9, an argument between a female customer and a bridal store staff member escalated when the angry customer took out scissors and ruined more a total of 32 wedding dresses by cutting them up. 

A video of the incident went viral on Chinese social media, showing the woman taking out wedding gown after wedding gown and cutting them with scissors. 
The person filming can be heard saying Think clearly, these dresses cost thousands [yuan], with the woman responding: Thousands? Even its ten-thousands, it doesnt matter.
The incident happened in the citys Jiangjin District at a store that sells bridal gowns and also offers wedding services. 
According to Chinese media site Sohu.com, the wedding store manager told reporters that the woman named Jiang first made arrangements with the bridal salon in April 2021 for her October 5th wedding C she booked a wedding package for 8000 yuan ($1260). 
Four months later, in August, the woman asked the bridal shop if her wedding arrangements could be postponed. 

One of the wedding dresses was cut up

When the woman came to the shop again in November, saying she wanted to cancel all arrangements and get her down payment of 3500 yuan ($550) back, the shop refused due to their policy of not refunding advanced payments. 
They did offer to instead provide some arrangements for a childs 100th-day celebration, as the woman was allegedly expecting a baby. 
Although the woman initially agreed with this, she suddenly returned to the shop on January 9th and started acting out. 
In her anger, she proceeded to ruin 32 wedding dresses
The woman was taken away by the police after the shop assistant alerted them and was detained. She has since said she is sorry for her behavior. 
According to the shop owner, the womans husband offered to compensate the store for over 60,000 yuan ($9420), but he has not paid a penny yet. 
The woman allegedly ruined 32 dresses with a total worth of at least 70,000 yuan ($11,000). 

On Weibo, thousands of commenters have responded to the incident.
What on earth was she thinking? some write, with others saying that the woman should be held criminally liable for her acts and deserves a prison sentence. 
Others argued that pregnancy hormones could be blamed for the womans unreasonable behavior, and said the woman should no go to prison but stay home and rest instead. 
There was one thing virtually all commenters agreed on, which is that the shop should soon be fully compensated for all damages.

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