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The Elderly of Nucleic Acid Screening Forced Volunteers to Kneel

Source: Teller Report

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On the night of January 12, a video circulated on the Internet in which a staff member in protective clothing knelt down to residents.

Some netizens claimed that the content of the video was that during the nucleic acid screening of all employees in Beichen District, Tianjin, an old couple wanted to cut in the queue, but were stopped by volunteers and quarreled, forcing the volunteers to kneel and kowtow.
In the early morning of January 13, reporter Jinyun found both parties involved in the incident. Regarding the situation at that time, both parties said that friction and misunderstanding had indeed occurred during the nucleic acid sampling process, but it was not what netizens said.

In the early morning of the 13th, reporter Jinyun contacted Mr. Gao, who was kneeling in the video.
According to Mr. Gao, he was at the nucleic acid sampling site and was responsible for maintaining the order of the community site.
Mr. Gao believes that this matter needs to start from the first round of nucleic acid screening for all staff. 
According to the prior arrangement of the community, the building where the two elderly people are located must be arranged for nucleic acid testing. 
Mr. Gao is responsible for the building from 9 to 17. Floor numbering work.
The two old people lived on the first floor. Mr. Gao met the old man in the process of issuing numbers. The old man hoped that Mr. Gao would give them a number.
However, Mr. Gao is not responsible for the numbering work on the first floor. 
Once the number is given to the elderly, the residents from the 9th to the 17th floor will lose one number, which is easy to cause confusion, so there is a little quarrel between the two sides.
When it came to the second round of nucleic acid screening, Mr. Gao asked the residents to line up in groups of ten in the process of maintaining order. 
At that time, some residents were queuing up with their children. 
Mr. Gao guided the old, young, sick, disabled, and pregnant to rank ten people first. 

The two elderly people also brought their children, but when they arrived at the sampling site, there was just enough room for a group of ten people in front of them, so Mr. Gao arranged for the two old people's family to wait for the next group, and the two sides quarreled again.
During the dispute, one of the elderly people was agitated and said that the family members working in the neighborhood committee would not maintain order like Mr. Gao.
During the dispute, Mr. Gao felt that there was nothing he could do. The angry old man clamored for him to kneel down and apologize. 
He wanted to appease the old man, so he knelt down.
But he did not expect that this scene was filmed by other residents.

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