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Over 10,000 Abducted & Missing Children Reunited With Family!

Source:Global Times

Over 10,000 missing and abducted children have been found and reunited with their families under the Tuanyuan (Reunion) Campaign, said China's Ministry of Public Security on Monday, which also marks the second Chinese People's Police Day.

The public security agencies nationwide have conducted multiple special operations to crack down on crimes that are of most concern to the Chinese people, including child abduction, telecommunications fraud and cross-border gambling, said the spokesperson of the ministry.

So far, 10,932 abducted children have been found, said the spokesperson.

Many of the reunions caused a sensation. Many Chinese people felt the warmth of witnessing a father called Sun Haiyang from Central China's Hubei Province reunite in late December with his son Sun Zhuo, who was abducted 14 years ago. The reunion came after years of searching and the joint efforts of public security departments under the Tuanyuan operation.

The father's story of looking for his abducted son has been adapted into a movie, Dearest, directed by Hong Kong director Peter Chan. The film became a box-office hit in 2014, despite its grim subject matter on the kidnapping and selling of children in China.

Significant results have also been made in cracking down on telecommunications fraud. According to the ministry, the number of such fraud cases has dropped since last June, with a total of 326.5 billion yuan ($51 billion) involved in the cases intercepted and saved.

Fighting against cyber, drug and gang crimes, as well as criminal cases related to food, drugs, the environmental protection and intellectual property have also made achievements, said the spokesperson.

In 2021, nearly 400 police officers sacrificed their lives and about 7,800 were injured while on duty.

In July 2020, China decided to make January 10 the Chinese People's Police Day, in full recognition of the heroic work of police officers for the interests of the people.

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