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Outbreak in Henan Affects 9 Cities in 3 Provinces!

Source: OT-Team(S,J), Beijing Evening News, Xinmin.cn

The National Health Commission announced on the 8th that, a total of 175 positive cases have been reported in the COVID epidemic in Henan province, affecting 9 cities in Henan, Shanghai and Zhejiang.

The outbreak in Xuchang, Henan is dominated by a clustered epidemic of a company in Yuzhou. And some residents from communities nearby have been reported to be infected recently, which indicated a risk of local community transmission.

Among the cases found in Zhengzhou, Henan, a certain number of cases were found when they accepted medical treatment and community routine check, it also suggested that local community transmission has occurred in some areas.

NHC: Xian sees decline in the number of new cases

On January 7, there were 46 new local cases reported in Xi'an, showing a dynamic decline recently.

The local health commission confirmed that the recent outbreak of the epidemic originated from the Delta mutant strain imported from a Pakistani flight on December 4.

NHCThe epidemic situation in Pudong, Jinhua, Zhoukou is in the early stage

He Qinghua, officer from the National Health Commission, said that the epidemic in Pudong (Shanghai), Jinhua (Zhejiang), Zhoukou (Henan) and other places is in the early stage, and there have been sporadic cases reported in the past two days.

Shanghai has called on citizens not to leave Shanghai unless necessary, and suggested that people from medium and high-risk areas should suspend their trip to Shanghai.

All those who come/return to Shanghai from or pass through the risk areas with domestic epidemic will have to take 14-day community health monitoring and two  nucleic acid testing.

Shenzhen: 2 local confirmed cases reported on 7th

On January 7th, during the regular nucleic acid testing for employees in key industries, Shenzhen detected 2 local confirmed cases. The genome sequencing results showed that it was a local epidemic caused by a new overseas import source. Shenzhen has carried out investigations on areas and personnel under risk.

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