2022-01-25 17:04


Metro passenger dies after being caught in platform screen door


An elderly female metro passenger in Shanghai who got caught in the platform's screen door last Saturday afternoon later died despite being rushed to hospital for treatment immediately. 

The tragedy happened at the Qi'an Road Station on Metro Line 15 at around 4:30 pm when the passenger was about to get off the metro, according to the statement released by the city's metro operator on Sina Webo, two days after the anniversary of Line 15's official launch one year ago. 

The metro staffers rushed to help and got her out immediately, but she still passed away despite undergoing treatment at hospital. 


The reason for the accident is still under investigation according to the metro operator, who vowed to spare no efforts in cooperating with the investigation. 

The metro operator expressed their deep sorrow for the tragic death of the passenger and reminded passengers not to force their way on or off the metro when the lights of the doors and screen doors are flashing and warnings sound. 

Metro Line 15 with driverless trains running on it was put into operation one year ago on January 23, 2021. Running nearly 42 kilometers, the line is currently the longest and most advanced rail transport in China using innovative technologies such as the Beidou Navigation Satellite System.



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