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JobsrnAmazon Advanced Operations|10K-15K RMB per/month

Job Responsibilities

1. Learn to understand Amazon, self-built sites and product policies, be responsible for the daily operation of Amazon or self-built sites, publish and optimize Amazon listings; 2. Analyze product sales and timely adjust sales and operation strategies; 3. Develop phased operation and implementation plans for different life cycles of products, 4. Handle customer disputes and product after-sales issues, and maintain good customer relationships; 5. Account security management, maintaining account security according to changes in account indicators. 6. Responsible for off-site promotion, proficiently using Faecbook, YouTube and other social platforms for promotion 7. Contact the editors of deals or content website to seek product promotion cooperation.

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, with proficient English writing skills, and understanding of e-commerce related businesses and rules; 2. More than 1 year of experience in the operation of Amazon or self-built sites is preferred, and excellent graduates with outstanding self-learning ability are also acceptable; 3. Have continuous enthusiasm for e-commerce; 4. Be proactive in life and work, have a strong sense of teamwork, have super stress resistance, not impetuous, have the courage to challenge yourself, and be able to continuously develop and innovate.

Required Languages

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