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How Can Foreigners Obtain No Criminal Record in China?

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How Can Foreigners Obtain No Criminal Record in China?

Many foreigners choose to live in China, and the demand for No Criminal Record during their stay in China is also rising.

This article will explain to you how foreigners apply for this and get it notarized (taking Shanghai policy as an example).

How to get it

Foreign citizens who have lived in China for more than half a year shall apply to the notary office of their place of residence in China for No Criminal Record, with their ID, length and place of residence in China, what kind of work they do or what school they study in.


Fees charged by the notary office: 500 yuan per copy, plus 10 yuan for each additional certificate of notarization.

Processing time

Within 7 working days after application.

Materials needed

Please provide the following basic materials for foreigners working or living in Shanghai to apply for notarization without criminal record:

1. Passport.

2. Proof of residence in Shanghai, such as temporary residence registration form.

3. Proof of work or study in Shanghai, such as foreigner employment certificate, labor contract, or student card.

4. The certificate issued by the foreigner's unit or school and whether he has a criminal record during his work/study.

Use of China's No Criminal Record

When applying for visas from other countries, you may be required to provide it.

For example, one of our Pakistani customers has lived in Shanghai for over one year. When he recently changed his job and applied for a new visa in the United States, in addition to being required to prove his criminal history in the US, he was also required to submit a China's No Criminal Record.

Can a person apply for a No Criminal Record abroad?

Yes. Due to the global pandemic, foreigners might be unable to enter China. In one case, we consulted staff from the notary office, explained the circumstances, submitted supplementary materials (such as scanned passport, etc.), and finally successfully got a certificate for our client.

Do you need a No Criminal Record in China to apply for a Chinese visa?

No. When foreigners apply for Chinese visas, they do not need to provide the record in China, but they need to provide No Criminal Record in their country of nationality.

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